School (e)Scape

During the second stage of “a space for learning” students further developed discussions towards developing a national exhibition completing a stop-motion film based around their ideas and reactions to the Pre-Fab in their own school while sketching potential alternative ideas of Post-Fab bubble spaces.

The ‘Learning Space’ Map (Scale 1:1000m // Abstract) is the beginning of a departure beyond the confines of the Dundalk Grammar School. The large map creates a physical and perceptual space to further ones understanding of their own context, scale and make subsequent connections. Students both past and present were encouraged to overlay their own thoughts, ideas, impressions and memories of learning spaces in Dundalk.

This contextualized dialogue together with the students stop motion video will initiate further open recorded discussions as part of the national touring. We are inviting participants to respond with their thoughts on the concepts raised in ‘learning space’ by making these on the paper and in turn forming these into a paper planes to accumulate as part of the exhibition dialogue, collected and displayed as the tour and conversation develops.

The familiarity people have with the “paper plane” and its use as a device to continue the participatory, engaging, and open source response elements fundamental to the ongoing ‘learning space’ process. The Paper Plane embodies the liberation of ideas, reactionary nature and flexibility inherent in the concepts emerging from this project. We look forward to hearing your comments and seeing your paper plane(s)…

The Space for Learning Lectures take place on Thursday 2nd and 9th of December at 18:30, at National College of Art & Design.


Design Team
Ryan Hamill and Eoin McElroy

Dundalk Grammar School Participants
Thomas Campbell, Kaleb Honer, Barry Faulkner and Lucy Van Dijk

Irish Architecture Foundation
Aideen McCole and Rachel McAree


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